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In Stock   14 inch, 939 gram, Forge-matched Strong Edge Hi-hats
In Stock   14 inch, 903 gram, Limited Edition Strong Edge Hi-hats
In Stock   22 inch, 2222 gram, Dry Thin Ride
In Stock   20 inch, 2216 gram, Dry Medium Ride
In Stock   12 inch, 545 gram, Limited Edition Strong Edge Studio Hi-hats
In Stock   17 inch, 1106 gram, Limited Edition Strong Edge Hi-hats
In Stock   16 inch, 1214 gram, Strong Edge Hi-hats


RareVintageCymbals.com is a personal tool of mine to pass some of the best cymbals in the world through my hands. I tend to appreciate the sound qualities of vintage cymbals, and I also find many of the rare cymbals to be fascinating.

My purpose for creating the site was not merely to indulge a passion for rare and vintage cymbals. Many years ago I developed a very strong interest in cymbalsmithing and formulated a plan to teach myself the art and equip myself with the tools necessary to begin producing my own custom cymbals. I wished to create cymbals that are very different from the production cymbals that roll out of today's factories.

As part of my plan, I decided that gathering some of the best rare and vintage cymbals that I could get my hands on would greatly enhance the speed at which I could tackle the learning curve associated with cymbalsmithing. Afterall, it's not like one can run down to the local adult education center and sign up for Cymbalsmithing 101. The effort has paid off quite well. I have been able to study closely and for extended time the hammering, weight distribution, taper, profile, bell characteristics, lathing, tension and other factors that all come together to produce cymbals of superior sound.

I am not starting a cymbal company as such. Operating a cymbal company would involve streamlining the production process in order to maintain profitability. I am offering cymbals for sale under the name Bettis Custom Cymbals. Each and every one of my cymbals receives hours of personal attention to every detail, and since I am the one that performs every step involved, I am able to ensure that every cymbal is a unique, quality musical instrument. I will also continue to offer rare and vintage cymbals for sale as I continue my studies.

Matt Bettis